If you need to add widget with adverts to a site sidebar you need to make following actions:

  • go to the “Appearance” > “Widgets” sections;
  • add “WP Visual Adverts” widget to the necessary sidebar

Widget Settings

Option Description Values
Title allows to define widget title any text value
Category allows to set ads group for displaying; by default will be displayed all existed adverts value form drop-down list
Font Color
allows to set widget text color HEX color (e.g. #f2f2f2)
Refresh Time (msec) allows to set custom time between ads updates positive integer value; in order if you need to disable ads refreshing, you can set this option to zero value
Animation Speed (msec) allows to set speed for fade in/fade out animation effect positive integer value
Advert Count allows to set custom number of displayed ads inside groups positive integer value

WordPress Admin Panel

WCP Visual Adverts, Widgets

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