Advert Types

If you need to create adverts, you need go to the “Visual Adverts” > “Adverts” and press “Add New” at the top of the page.

Each ad has following available parameters:

Option Description Element
Headline allows to define ad headline standard post title
Description allows to define ad description standard post description
Featured Image allows to define add image standard post featured image
Link allows to define external on internal link URL and define link target additional “Link” metabox
Categories allows to define one or several categories for ads “Advert Categories” metabox

You can use parameters that described above for creation of different type of ads:

Ad Types / Parameters Headline Description Image Category Link
Single Headline + + +
Single Image + + +
Single Text + + +
Headline + Image  + + + +
Headline + Description  + + + +
Image + Description  – + + + +
Headline + Image + Description + + + + +

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WCP Visual Adverts, Details

Ad Samples

WCP Visual Adverts, Ad Samples

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