Plugin Tab

Plugin tab allows you to make general plugin configuration with following points:

General Options

Option Description Values
Language allows to defines plugin language form existed list value from the drop-down list
Current Theme allows to defines active plugin theme value from the drop-down list
Refresh Time allows to defines time for auto update of the weather data via OpemWeatherMap API. value from the drop-down list
1h – recommended

User Options

Option Description Values
Enable User Options allows to enable user options for site visitors Yes/No
Expire User Options (days) allows to set user options storage time numeric values in days

Other Options

Option Description Values
Hide Description of the Weather Conditions allows to disable displaying of weather conditions description if OpenWeatherMap doesn’t support translations of weather conditions for your language Yes/No
“No Data” Message allows to set custom “No Data” message any text value
Enable “Google Maps API” allows to disable “Google Maps API” in case if you have some conflict with themes or plugins that also use “Google Maps API” Yes/No

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WCP OpenWeather Settings, Plugin Tab

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