Multilanguage Support

Available Languages

NB! If you want to help with plugin translation on your language please let us know via site contact form or directly via It is totally free. 🙂

First of all, we want to say great thanks for all people who help us with plugin translation!

Lang Translation Lang Translation
English (United States)
default lang Albanian (Albania) Erjon
Bulgarian (Bulgaria) Valentin Catalan (Catalonia) Ana
Croatian (Croatia) Podrška Cedar Dutch (Belgium) Christophe
Dutch (Netherlands) Christophe French (France) need to be improved
German (German) Robert Greek (Greece) Antreas
Italian (Italy) Antonio Lithuanian (Lithuania) Mantas
Persian(Iran) Morteza, need to be improved Polish (Poland) need to be improved
Portuguese (Portugal) Carlos Romanian (Romania) Robert
Russian (Russia) Serbian (Serbia) Nikola
Slovenian (Slovenia) Žiga Spanish(Spain) Marco
Spanish(Ecuador) Otto Turkish (Turkey) Raşit
Ukrainian (Ukraine)


Active language can be changed via “WCP Open Weather” > “Settings” > “Plugin” tab > “Language” dropdown list.

Plugin contains 3 separate .po files for general plugin translation and for theme translation:

  • ../languages
  • ../theme/default/languages
  • ../theme/metro/languages
NB! If you have already translated 3 .po files, you can send files to us and we integrate your translation to our plugin.

Multilanguage functionality has limitation based on OpenWeatherMap API languages support, i.e. city name has no translation by default and description of weather conditions have translation only for languages form OpenWeatherMap API list.

Currently, translation of the city names realized via Google autocomplete for city name based on active language for the plugin.

NB! Translation of the city name to the active language occurs when you choose city from the Google Autocomplete list. When You change the current language then city name in the existing shortcodes and widgets will not be automatically translated to the new language. To do this, select the city again, and save the changes.

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