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NB! OpenWeatherMap changed conditions of free API ussage without API Key.
Currently, OpenWeatherMap API doesn’t work without API key any more. You need to add free or paid API key in the plugin settings: “WCP OpenWeather” > “Settings” > “API” tab > “API Key” field. You can get API key here.
We do not have any relationship to distribution of OpenWeatherMap API keys.

Easy steps to start using of our weather widget at a sidebar

  1. Check plugin “WCP OpenWeather” > “Settings” > “API” Tab, add free or paid API key into “API Key” field and save plugin settings;
  2. Check plugin “WCP OpenWeather” > “Settings“and plugin “WCP OpenWeather” > “Theme Settings” pages and customize weather forecast options for your purposes;
  3. Go to the “Appearance” –> “Widgets” sections;
  4. Add “WCP Weather” or “WCP Weather Mini” widget to necessary sidebar;
  5. Choose city name in the widget options, customize other options for your purposes and press “Save” button.

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