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WCP Contact Form :: Settings :: Form Tab :: Fields SettingsDynamic Form Fields

You can use following list of the field types to configure the contact form for your purposes:

Field Type HTML Element Field Type HTML Element
Text input type=”text” Textarea textarea
Email input type=”email” Checkbox(es) input type=”checkbox”
Numeric input type=”number” CAPTCHA(s)
NB! You need to have field with selected “reCAPTCHA” type in the plugin settings (“Contact Form” > “Settings” > “Form” tab > “Fields Settings” section > “CAPTCHA” field type > “reCAPTCHA” subtype. Captcha subtype can be selected via filed advanced options by clicking on the blue button with gear at the right side of the field row).

Form Fields General Options

Each form field has following list of the options for configuration:

Option Description Values
Type allows to choose field type from the preset Text, Email, Numeric, Textarea, Checkbox, CAPTCHA (with subtypes: reCAPTCHA, CAPTCHA and Numeric CAPTCHA)
Field Name allows to set technical field label that used for admin purposes. This value doesn’t show on the site frontend any value (text value is recommended)
Visibility allows to enable/disable field visibility Yes/No
Required allows to make field required Yes/No
Export to CSV allows to add field to CSV export Yes/No

Description of additional options for each field type added as separate documentation sections.

NB! Each field has additional options from plugin version 3.0. You can find additional field options by click on the blue button with “gear” icon at the right side of each field.

Submit Button

WCP Contact Form :: Settings :: Form Tab :: Submitt ButtonThis section allows to set general “Submit” button properties:

Option Description Values
Caption allows to change submit button text any value (text value is recommended)
Button Position allows to set submit button position; value from the drop-down list: left/center/right

“Thank You” Page

WCP Contact Form :: Settings :: Form Tab :: "Thank You" PageThis section allows to set existed site page or some URL address where user will be redirected after successful form submit.

Option Description Values
Redirect To allows to set “Thank You” page from the list of existed pages or set some URL address value from the drop-down list: page or URL

Other Settings

WCP Contact Form :: Settings :: Form Tab :: Other Settings

Option Description Values
Form Custom CSS Class allows to add some custom class(es) to the form wrapper block and use it from different purposes by developers Several classes should be added via “space” i.e. [class-name-1] [class-name-2]
Enable HTML5 Validation allows to enable/disable HTML5 validation on the contact form Yes/No
TinyMCE Support allows to enable/disable button in the TinyMCE editor for adding contact form shortcode to editor area Yes/No
Footer Scripts allows to enqueue scripts and styles only for the pages with contact form Yes/No
Allowed Roles For “Inbox” option allows access to view “Inbox” page for selected user roles Yes/No

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