Admin AutoResponder Notifications

WCP Contact Form :: Settings :: AutoResponder Tab :: Admin AutoResponder NotificationsFollowing options allows you to configure email autoresponder (“no-reply”) notifications about the form submissions for administrator with following options:

Option Description Values
Send TO Emal
allows to set administrator email address for notifications.
Default email address is used from: “Settings” > “General” > “E-mail Address
one email address (several email addresses should be separated by comma, if this option allowed for your server mail settings)
Email From allows to change “from” email address to value from a field with user email address. one email address or {$user_email} variable
Email From Name allows to change “email from” name to value from a field with user name. any text value or {$user_name} variable
Subject allows to set default subject of administrator autoresponder (“no-reply”) notification message any text value or {$user_subject} variable
Message allows to set body of notification message any text value or following variables: {$admin_name}, {$user_name}, {$user_email}, {$user_subject}, {$user_message}{$data}
Disable Admin Notifications allows to disable notifications of new form submissions Yes/No. Default value is “No”

Specification of notification variables you can find here.

NB! From plugin v.3.0.2 was added possibility to use variables like {user_email}, {user_name} etc. that allows to create configuration of autoresponder with “reply” functionality for site admin. These options was added by multiple users’ requests, however we HIGHLY DO NOT RECOMMEND to use it. It doesn’t work with SMTP email configuration and doesn’t work stable with common WordPress email configuration. We do not provide any guarantee of properly work of this option and you will use it at your own risk.
NB! Please, be careful with adding of the images from the WordPress Media Gallery. Images will be added as direct URL to your server in the email body.

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