You can find list of recerved messages in the “Contact Form” > “Inbox“.

Messages have 2 available statuses:

Status Comments
unread default status for all new messages
read status for read messages

and automatically distributed between message list tabs:

Tabs Comments
All all recerved messages
Read messages with unread status (new messages)
Unread messages with read status
Trash deleted messages with possibility of recover or permanently delete

If you change message status, message will be automatically moved into the corresponding tab.

Following actions are available for single message or for a group of messages:

  • mark as read“;
  • mark as unread“;
  • move to trash

WCP Contact Form :: Inbox :: "Reply" and "Export to CSV" buttonsAlso, each single message contains blue “Quick Reply” button with “envelope” that placed at the right side of the row. This button allows to make a quick replay with using of standard mail client (desktop or web) that defined in OS. For properly work of “Quick Reply” button following settings need to be defined in the “Contact Form” > “Settings” > “AutoResponder” tab > “General Settings” section:

  • User Email Field;
  • User Name Field;
  • Subject Field;
  • Message Field.

In additional, on the “Inbox” you are able to export messages to CSV format by pressing on “Export to CSV” button that placed above the message list. More information about the CSV export you can find here.

By click on a message ID link (e.g. “Entry #1”) in the message list you will be proceed to a detailed message page. On this page is placed detailed message information and also on this page you can find “Quick Reply” button that works in similar way as described above for “Inbox” page.

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