Common Settings

Common settings are available directly for each field and shown on the image below:

Field Common Settings :: Common Settings

Based on numbers on the image:

  1. Num option shows ordinal number of the field for displaying on the site frontend;
  2. Type option allows to choose type of the field form the drop-down list;
  3. Field Name option allows to set technical short field name that will be displayed on the “Inbox” page and also will be used in the autoresponder notifications.
    NB! Please note, value of this field never won’t be displayed on the site frontend. If you need to add/change/delete value that displayed for site visitors you need to use “Display Label” form additional field settings that described in the “Additional Settings” section below!
  4. Visibility option allows to temporary hide field form the site frontend;
  5. Required option allows to make field mandatory to fill for form submission;
  6. Export to CSV option allows to include field to CSV export that can be done via”Inbox“page;
  7. Actions option allows to make following actions with field:
  8. Additional Field Optionsbutton allows to show additional field options that described in the “Additional Settings” section below;
  9. Up” and “Downbuttons allow to reorder fields manually in case if “Drag & Drop” sorting is not available for some purposes;
  10. Deletebutton allows completely delete form field without ability to restore of information that related to this field i.e. configured field settings and received information in the”Inbox“page.

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