Additional Settings

Additional settings can be opened by click on the button with gear at the right side of each field and shown on the image below:

Field Common Settings :: Additional Settings

NB! Please note, on this image shown only common options as sample based on “text” field type. Each field type may have specific options that described in the corresponding sections of the plugin documentation.

Based on numbers on the image:

  1. Display Labeloption allows to define label value that will be displayed on the site frontend for visitors;
  2. Placeholderoptions allows to set some text note that will be displayed inside field on the site frontend for visitors;
  3. Field Key option allow to get specific field key name that can be used in the plugin hooks/filters/actions by developers for different proposes.
    NB! Please note, “Field Key” value is readonly and aslo it is NOT field “name” attribute. This is specific value that can be used with supported hooks/filters/actions by plugin.
  4. CSS Classoption allows to add some custom class(es) to the field wrapper block and use it from different purposes by developers. Several clases should be added via “space” i.e. [class-name-1] [class-name-2]
    NB! Please note, with the next plugin release will be available peset CSS classes that allows to make columns for fields inside form.
  5. Default Valueoption allows to set some default value inside field. Some field types, like “email” field type allows to use variables as default values.
  6. Description” option allows to add some text note that will be displayed under the field.

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