Custom Styles

NB! In case, if you make any plugin customization, especially directly in the plugin files, we do not provide any guarantee that added customization will work properly after plugin updates.

You able to add custom styles for the contact form without direct editing of the plugin files.

The plugin includes CSS file assets/css/style.css.
You can copy this file to your active theme and customize it for your needs.

Path to the styles inside the active theme:

NB! Styles that configured via plugin settings (“Contact Form” > “Settings” > “Style“) are dynamic and less-based.
If you need to overwrite these styles for your purposes please use form ID and “!important” in your stylesheet.
For example:

#[form_id] .scfp-form-action .scfp-form-submit:hover { 
          background-color: #[some_color] !important;
          color: #[some_color] !important;

You can get form ID in following ways:

  • if you use form as shortcode, you can use ID form form shortcode;
  • if you use form as widget, you can get form ID via viewing of HTML-source of the page.

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