Number Field Type

Number” field type field has following list of additional options for configuration: WCP Contact Form :: Settings :: Form Tab :: Number Field Type

Option Description Values
Display Label allows to define field label that will be displayed on the site frontend for visitors any text value
Placeholder allows to specify a short hint that describes the expected value of the field and displayed inside the field any text value
Field Key allows to get unique field key that can be used for different development purposes read-only autogenerated value
CSS Class allows to specify CSS class name that will be added to the field wrapper block and can be used for different development purposes any text value (several class names should be separated by space)
Min/Max Values allows to create a range of legal values in case if you use the “min” value together with the “max” value. The “min” value specifies the minimum value for the field. The “max” value specifies the maximum value for the field. any numeric value
Default Value allows to specify default field value any numeric value
Description allows to add text note below the field any text value


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