Why I don’t receive email notifications?

Our plugin doesn’t have own mail system and uses standard WordPress wp_mail() function for messages submission by default.

After the form successful submission plugin make 2 actions:

  1. adding record to plugin Inbox page
  2. send email notifications via server standard server mail system

In case if you received email to the plugin “Inbox, than the PHP function for sending the mail has certainly completed successfully. So if you are not able to receive the mail on your email address, it’s highly possible that the mail has been kidnapped or killed after that. If you can check the log of your mail server, it could give you some clues. Spam filter often causes this kind of problem.

Please check useful article about possible WordPress email configuration issues.

Also, as quick help you can make followin points:

  1. check your “Spam” folder. Sometimes emails from WordPress are marked as spam;
  2. If you have issues with receiving of user notifications only, please check which field is used for user notification: “Contact Form” > “Settings” > “AutoResponder” > “General Settings” > “User Email Field“.
  3. try to use some third-party plugin for SMTP mail settings