What should I do if I have error message about outdated PHP version after plugin installation?

In case if after plugin installation you have following message:

WCP Contact Form plugin can’t work properly. Your current PHP version is [N.N.N]. Minimum required PHP version is 5.3.0.

This message means that you have outdated PHP version on your server. Minimum required PHP version for our plugin is 5.3.0.

You can update installed PHP version in following ways:

  • manually via your hosting admin panel;
  • ask your hosting support about this.

In case if you updated PHP version manually and still have this error message:

  • re-update PHP version, sometimes something went wrong and PHP version was not updated correct;
  • check PHP version manually (as reference you can use this article or use other comfortable way) and if PHP version still outdated than ask your hosting support about this issue.