How can I use shortcode with default configuration from plugin settings manually?

  1. Check plugin “WCP OpenWeather” > “Settings” and plugin “WCP OpenWeather” > “Theme Settings” pages and customize weather forecast options for your purposes;
  2. Create new page or use existed (“Pages” > “All Pages“/”Add New“);
  3. Add shortcode [wcp_weather] to the TinyMCE editor and save the page. All values (location, measurement units etc.) will be used from the default plugin settings.

NB! If you need to add several shortcodes on a page, you will need to use following shortcode parameters, as sample [wcp_weather id="my-weather-1" city="London, GB"] and [wcp_weather id="my-weather-2" city="San Francisco, US"].
NB! We don’t recommend to use manually shortcode adding.