How can I change “” to “”?

WordPress by default sends email from a generic address “” and “WordPress” sender name. WordPress has no ability to manage email settings via its admin panel.

From the plugin v.3.0.2 you are able to change “Sender Name” and “From Email” via settings of our plugin in the “Contact Form” > “Settings” > “AutoResponder” tab > “User AutoResponder Notifications” section > “Email From” and “Email From Name” fields.

More information about “AutoResponder” tab you can find here.

NB! This options was added by multiple users’ requests, however we HIGHLY DO NOT RECOMMEND to use it. It doesn’t work with SMTP email configuration and doesn’t work stable with common WordPress email configuration. We do not provide any guarantee of properly work of this option and you will use it at your own risk.

In additional, there are other ways to change these values:

  • you can use some third-party plugin for email configuration. We use Postman SMTP plugin for our contact form on this demo site;
  • you can find information about changing the “from address/name” without a plugin via functions.php in this article.