WordPress plugins by WebCodin WordPress Development Team

We represent WordPress plugins designed by WebCodin WordPress Development Team on this demo site. You are able to view live demos, check documentation/FAQ sections and ask a question or leave suggestion for our plugins. In other words, make yourself at home. 🙂 We hope, you’ll find useful plugins and information here. The core idea of our plugins are combine complex functionality and simple user interface, that allows to use our plugins on sites with different target audiences. Our plugins can be useful for your personal WordPress blog, corporate site, news portal, on-line store ect.

Our WordPress plugins

WordPress WCP plugin series by WebCodin includes following plugins:

WCP Contact Form

WordPress plugins by WebCodin - WCP Contact Form - WordPress Contact Form Plugin

This is a simple contact form plugin that allows you to use one contact form with “ready-to-use” fields preset in a few click. Let’s check the plugin core features:

  • Ready-to-use fields preset after plugin installation;
  • Dynamic contact form fields with various parameters that can be reordered and deleted;
  • Various field types: text, email, numeric, textarea, checkbox, CAPTCHA / Google reCAPTCHA;
  • Inbox page for message list with read/unread statuses and single detailed page for each message;
  • Optional “Thank You” page that can be chosen from list of the existing pages;
  • Optional HTML5 validation and editable error messages for non-HTML5 validation;
  • Auto notifications for users and administrator with variables for notification letters;
  • List of the messages can be exported to CSV format based on selected fields in the form settings;
  • Custom styles for contact form.

WCP OpenWeather

WordPress plugins by WebCodin - WCP OpenWeather - WordPress Current Weather and Forecast Plugin

This WordPress plugin allows you to add various widgets and shortcodes with current weather or forecast for your city. Let’s check the plugin core features:

  • You can add weather forecast with using widgets in sidebar or stortcode for a page;
  • Weather forecast provided by OpenWeatherMap API;
  • Conversion measurements and settings for temperature, wind and pressure;
  • Default plugin options and personal widgets/shortcodes options for site administrator;
  • Optional possibility to allow user options for weather forecast on the site frontend;
  • Plugin themes support: simple “Default” and “Metro” themes;
  • Possibility to use OpenWeatherMap API key via plugin settings;
  • City name with Google Map Place Autocomplete.

WCP Visual Adverts

WordPress plugins by WebCodin - WCP Visual Adverts - WordPress Advertisement Plugin

This plugin allows you to quickly and easily create different types of advertisements and group them into categories to display in the sidebar of your site. Let’s check the plugin core features:

  • Easily way to create ads;
  • Creation of various advert types: graphic (single picture), text ads, combined Ads (title / picture / description);
  • Addition of external and internal links to the ads;
  • Grouping ads by category;
  • AJAX-update of ad groups;
  • Setting of a custom image size, number of displayed ads, and animation settings;
  • Uses the default theme styling;
  • Compatible with WooSidebars;
  • Developers have the possibility to customize the plugin by creating a duplicate templates and styles in the active theme folder;
  • Custom options for widgets: text color, ads number, animation options.